Instructions for Video Display Terminal Training

Welcome to this SafetyWorks! training package designed for the Maine Video Display Terminal (VDT) Law. This program is designed to give you an overview of the VDT law, basic ergonomic information, resources, and a sample workstation evaluation and ergonomic quiz. The program also links to the OSHA web site and Bureau of Labor Standards home page.

You have several items linked on this website:

  1. Training program (see below)
  2. Workstation evaluation form
  3. VDT Law Poster
  4. Quiz

This program can be viewed in one of two formats: View VDT Presentation in PowerPoint or View VDT Presentation in PDF

The program is color coded as follows:

  1. Light Green - the law
  2. Dark Blue - basic ergonomics
  3. Dark Green - solutions
  4. Light Blue -general resources

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