What can I do if I have a concern about safety at my job?

First, talk to your boss about it. Many employers want to know about safety or health problems and will correct them.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, you can file a complaint:

  • Maine private sector workers - Call OSHA at 207-626-9160
  • Maine public sector workers (state, county, and municipal workers) - Call the Bureau of Labor Standards of the Maine Department of Labor at 207-623-7900

The more you know about workplace safety and health, the better you can protect yourself and your co-workers.

Even though employers must, by law, keep workplaces safe and healthy, workers play a major role. If you want to improve your work environment, learn to recognize and correct hazards. Find out about the rules that govern workplace safety and health, as well as your rights and responsibilities on the job.

As a worker you have many resources for safety and health information, including your employer, your union, your professional association, OSHA, and in Maine there's SafetyWorks!.

Through SafetyWorks! you can:

SafetyWorks! is a resource for you, whenever you need help staying safe and healthy at work.